Monday, October 19, 2015

Bought Dr. Lee Wei Ling book

We got the last copy of Dr. Lee Wei Ling's book last night at Popular Toa Payoh.

Its title might be, "A Hakka woman's Singapore" but to us it is just Dr. Lee Wei Ling's book.

The book is in the cupboard now and we could see pass the glass at it. It is like a reminder to unwrap its protective plastic and turn the pages, but I have no time to do that.

Wifey wanted to buy the book I think it is our way of emotionally connecting with her. I am sure many Singaporeans love her even if she will never know most of us. I think many like to emulate her values especially on how to treat people and animals. We admire her many other convictions especially on material wealth but we are afraid to go to the extremes like her.

She used to be noted for her early over achievements but now is just Lee Wei Ling and that is best. I think Singapore should become something like this too. We must continue to achieve but never pay too much attention to our trophies. The continual improvement of people's welfare is our prize.

For me, I also feel her pain and loneliness. I wish she accepts the Gospel story but the difficulty is that she is more authentic and courageous than most Christians. So who is touching whose lives then?

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