Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Understanding Jokowi from the Haze

In other words Jokowi says please understand that we are trying our best if we get haze for the next two to three years. This is like fixing our trains problem - no quick solutions.

I saw this as I sat in the car service centre waiting for my turn to be attended to. I thought I was seeing a mayor than a President. A man cannot change his ways of solving problems without going through a lot of pain. If the problem is urgent, forget it. He will bring to the table an approach what he is confident with and had always gotten results. Jokowi would be a domestically focused President attending to problems which the top down approach had never gotten them anywhere.

He would be shrewd to under promise and over deliver. May be this would be solved in 1 to 2 years then.

As for his tools? I think he will increasingly count on the military. What to do when there are so many people out to block him.

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