Thursday, September 10, 2015

More car accidents in our future?

Is our city on the list toward more car accidents because of an increase in texting and driving. I always suspected the driver who rear ended my car a couple of years ago was on her phone.

We have passed new laws to be stricter with hand phone when driving but as far as I can tell life continue like before and I am among the minority of drivers with a phone mount.


  1. As u said


    Not sexist but realist

    1. Probabilistically a man driver is more likely since there are more of them. So happened it was a woman.

  2. I have been saying this for many years. We are setting up for a serious problem on the roads. Each year the population keeps growing, more cars on the road, more drivers texting behind the wheel, more angry drivers, a recipe for some serious car accidents regardless where you live. If you don't have traffic today, wait, they will be building there soon.

    Leticia Holt @ KHunter Law

  3. There seems to be at least a little connection between the increase in accidents and people texting and driving. Several of my friends have been in accidents lately and in every case someone was texting and driving - sometimes it was my friend and sometimes it was the person who hit them. It's probably more frequent than the stats are leading on.

    Stephanie Waters @ Chastaine Law