Monday, September 28, 2015

E-book revolution thwarted

This is no longer a surprise. I have seen the numbers, e-readers sales were falling. I am not in the business so I don't really care but I have been reading almost exclusively e-books since my Kindle. However I noticed my nephew always insisted on reading a physical book. Then I discover there are lots of people like him. I also recall with fondness how Captain Picard would often read hard bound books in his office on the starship Enterprise. Those were early indicators that e-books will not conquer paper books.

The two will coexist perhaps forever. Real books beyond hosting content also tell us who we are. Hold them in your hands and feel your identity. For now, it is really hard to imagine an e-book reader, smart phone or tablet doing that.

For me I have no time to be sentimental about how books come. I have to be practical.

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