Sunday, August 2, 2015

Should V. Balakrishnan be so confident?

I just read the above from CNA.

We are in his GRC and as far as I am concerned it not true that "town councillors attend to them promptly and get them resolved". The higher ups are no good but those at the working level is, going by our experience trying to get them to remove our old bulky items and watching them do their work daily.

I have a broken window which I jammed shut so that it will not become killer litter. I couldn't get the town council to help me fix it. Of course we start by calling them on the phone only to be told to call someone else from a list available on their website. When we tried that, we were told they don't provide the window repair service....I think I can solve this problem if I think over this carefully and come up with a plan. I could even email my MP, which I hadn't. Why should I for something so small? Anyway in the past when I emailed my MP each time, he had ignored me. I had to email Minister Balakrishnan before I could get a response.

I told wifey since we have lived with this for years, what is a few more months of waiting. Come closer to the elections, we shall try calling again. I think they will be much more responsive.

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