Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Economist: Happy 50th Birthday Singapore

Yesterday an old friend suggested that I read what the Economist is saying about us. After struggling to download my copy - their download service has worsened recently, I managed to read the shorter of the two stories. The other one is a Special Report.

The Economist still has a sterling reputation but I think their best days are history. They have this bad habit of preaching to readers. I replied my friend if he noticed that this magazine or weekly newspaper they like to call themselves are blinded by their ideology. They will select the facts to fit their beliefs. Concerning Singapore, they have been serially wrong about us and they are still singing the same tune. Finally these people have no skin in the game.

So thanks but no thanks. If you value your time, life and future don't read the Economist.

I have decided not to renew my subscription. In fact I only signed up for the children's school work sake. Then I discover they mostly do not read it.


  1. Replies
    1. to stop reading the economist. i had stopped as well.

  2. Am trying to read to widen my perspective. What other publications are good?

    1. Reading books is far more useful than news. Project Syndicate is good for their thoughtfulness...use good books to evaluate the news. If you are well read you would have picked up the extremely prejudiced attitude of the Economist.

    2. Thank you, good sir, for your advice. Have since subscribed to Project Syndicate RSS.

      Have always been enlightened by your insight and opinions. I'm in my 40's, considered a white collared worker, whose salary is below the national median of $3,770. Hope that I can read to improve myself, and more importantly, in the process raise the preceptive ability of my children, so that they can earn a better livelihood than their old man.

      Thanks again.

    3. You are generous. I am over rated already. My personal view is similar to many others in that to do well you have to take action. Preparing for a long time is also considered taking action but loved ones might not understand. This is especially true for getting ready to succeed in financial markets. Most people end up learning the hard way or not at end through losing lots of money.

      To me what we often read about pay is wrong. It is much less what your contribution is than the power of your position. Engineers make great contributions but are paid petty cash compared to financial types especially those who rigged the markets legally.