Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PM: Govt 'has interests of citizens at heart'

Government has interests of citizens at heart but qualified with quotes. True reasons of qualifications not explained. If you are smart enough you can go and figure this out on your own.

ST is too embarrassed not to insert the quote marks. In other words we are not stupid.

I still believe they put the PAP ahead of the interests of the nation. The interest of its people is not equivalent to the nation either but ranked beneath.

Let's get real and I need to use quotes as well. Every society needs 'suckers'. These are the people who make the sacrifices often unaware of the cost they were paying. These are what some cynically remark that "good guys finish last". The local lingo for this is called "national service" but I am not necessarily referring to the military sorts.

Just know that when the government take us for granted we are doing national service for the good of the nation but what do nation include? Many of us don't feel included and so we taught the PAP a lesson in the last GE.

My question: When did they really have the interests of the citizens at heart? Only after the last GE?

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