Monday, July 13, 2015

PAP vs WP: A lose-lose fight

Rachel Chang has written an interesting article on this subject.

Generally I agree with her but perhaps she wasn't supposed to go further and state that politically it still made sense to the PAP to play a lose-lose battle with WP as long as PAP can afford this and the damage to WP is great.

The PAP finally realized it could never have fought a win-lose war with the WP. And the WP also didn't think the PAP will finally resort to such a strategy since they are a party that always only accept winning tactics. Now WP have their challenging task of explaining this to the voters well cut out for them. I am not sure they are capable of it.

For me, I am less concerned with this issue than their secretary general attitude towards LKY demise. I had always wondered if he was a Gou Jian character but as long as he is in opposition that is alright.

David Marshall's experience as chief minister had helped me to appreciate better the risk of having a non PAP government. That is a subject of a separate post I want to write soon.

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