Thursday, July 30, 2015

MRT: Grow old with me the best is yet to be

Grow old with me the best is yet to be....but I keep breaking down. You have forgotten our first love!!! You have gone after the shareholders, an adulterous relationship. Shame on you! You may love others but love me first. You will learn that hell has no fury as a train system scorned.

Stupid reasons for all these break downs. Show that those folks running the show don't know their job, i.e., they fail to age and gain experience with the system. Everyone goes by the book. All complex systems must be cared for with passion and pride. Anything less the system will protest. It doesn't have a mouth to complain and so it will throw tantrums by breaking down. Imagine a doctor sees a patient but the patient wouldn't tell what is wrong. Easy if the doctor knows the patient. Good luck if he doesn't.

I can't make this simpler.

Mr. Chew, please don't say that. Nobody believes you. Even your big big boss the PM also said that and what happened? Better have some courage and determination, keep quiet, get to work and show with your results. Less sound now and face less fury from us later.

LG Kuek you keep trying your best and keep improving. Obviously you never tried your best. Dishonest. You also have no credibility.

I have avoided writing this for years but the buck actually stops with the PM and his Cabinet. They overloaded the system by increasing the population rapidly, so how can they in good faith sack the board and you? But we were just trying to kill the monkey as a warning to the master. Since he can't fix it by GE, let see how he is going to explain himself shortly when the hustings begin. I bet the PAP is paranoid about the system breaking down during GE time. LTA has written a blank cheque at tax payers' expense. They paid for the consultants to put their necks on the block that it was salt that caused the power trip, something our own Dr. George Yu already from using his eyes, fingers and experience strongly suspect.

Update: 4:35pm

I just read in the afternoon Chris Tan Opinion piece. I discovered much of the hunch I wrote about above, he has the facts and story for them. He also gave excellent suggestions on what a truly best effort contingency operation should look like. Shame on the incompetents running the system. Even if voters have no choice but vote the PAP, when their candidates press the flesh we should keep banging about their horrific running of the train system. They should go to bed every night with this ringing in their ears.

I wonder if the MRT is the first bad apple that would eventually disease our other apples.


  1. Amazing how they explain themselves away! In the meantime, the commuters and taxpayers still foot their bills and remuneration!! Amazing Singapore!!

  2. This is what you get when you do not have enough opposition. No one to grill them for their stupid excuses and explanation. So vote wisely this year.

  3. No accountability from the previous inept SMRT management. Heads were rolled but their pay package was intact. Just as in the Mas Selamat case. nobody gets punished and simply walked away with the shit to be cleaned by others. This is allowed to be the default guideline for management of the country. Over time, the voter will just use the same argument and let their votes run wild, lets all rot together.

  4. Massive pay cuts for Singapore's civil service (our politicians are part of that civil service) and these cuts should be announced before our PM's National Day address.

    Watch Singaporeans have a truly wonderful and joyous SG50 celebrations, starting with our celebration of our National Day parade on 9 August 2015.

    Better still, a selected foreign organization agreed by selected personalities to look into all the perks built into the civil service renumeration/rewards and retirement benefits that had build up over the years by "clever" civil servants to feather their own nests, even after retirement or leaving service.

    Some examples, the kind of rewards granted MPs; ministers and others after they had served for "X" numbers of years.

    Please let it all hang out and be hung to dry, like those salty deposits on MRT lines.


  5. interesting why our strive to be world no 1 corporate governance exemplar does not provide for these irresponsible management heads to have their bonuses retracted for the benefits of other stakeholders! They don't even act out a one second bow - such arrogance !!

  6. Quote from the Opinion piece:"...The third rail, which supplies power to the trains, is being replaced on both lines. The tender has been awarded,..."

    As revealed during the press conference to announce the root cause of the Jul 7 disruption, it is the third rail insulators that is being replaced. The replacement of insulators is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2017.

    Replacing insulator and replacing the whole third rail is different. Did Christopher Tan got it right?