Sunday, June 28, 2015

LGBT: On the side of History

I had suggested that LGBT groups ought to be more patient here with advancing their human rights. They will get less and we will all be quite happy if they push their case too aggressively especially with copycat strategies from the west.

In fact the longest they need to wait is for the under 35 to probably advance another 10 years or so. By then SG society could very well have more than half the population supporting giving more space to LGBT.

This is from ST June 17 edition.

MFA had bothered to put LGBT rights on the radar.

Ever since the SCOTUS voted in favor of legalizing same sex marriage I have been receiving many articles about the coming persecution of Christians. They worry that they might no longer be able to live their beliefs. E.g., ministers might be forced by law to officiate same sex marriages. That is America, I don't think here we are that inflexible or stupid about such matters. I am more worried about absolutist Islam than the Christian response.

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