Friday, June 19, 2015

if (PAP == WP) WP;

Lavey Goh asked how is this wrong if it was the grassroots advisers instead of the MPs that is sending out cards to notify residents about this funpacks.

It is wrong because upstream the PAP has captured from the government the PA for their political party promotion. So what is seemingly right downstream cannot be right as a result.

If I am presented with a PAP team that is only as good as the WP, my choice would be the WP. Sure, I am not happy with the way WP is running AHPETC finances and I am not prepared to cut them much slack. I am also pissed with the PAP pot calling the WP (not necessary a kettle) black.

I don't like the way politics is done here. It has to be better and I an open to suggestions to how to improve this.


  1. Respect begets respect. Punching below the belt is not just childish but speaks a lot about a lack of integrity. Though often said this IS the way politics is played out - in the end, it will be the voters who suffer. (sigh!)

  2. Anyway, i am fine if WP is disadvantage. At a first time voter in GE2011, at first i thought they were good and the country needs check and balance hence voted for them. But now, i realize that check and balance is all hogwash. This country doesn't need so many political parties to be honest. Maybe i am bias becoz i have bad personal experience with them.

    but i see such episodes as a test of their competency and strength at the wider national stage, which they have been severely lacking. They have to know that the real world out there, or the international environment is a very unfair place. Najib and LHL may shake hands at the annual sin-malaysia leader retreat, but deep down they may be trying to pull you down (or else why the misquote about whether the HSR end at Johor or CBD or Jurong). Domestically, whatever decision the govt make, bizness will be trying to persuade (or lobby if I use the American term) if the decision goes against their interest (Just look at Hong Kong and the USA). if the WP cant even withstand this small and very insignificant unfairness about National funpacks and who signs on them, then what hope is left for them. imagine one day if they take on more responsibility, and Singapore suffer unfairness on an international stage, who are they proposing we run to? Back home, they have you, the anonymous poster on top of me, and their supporters who will shout out the unfairness. But on the international environment, who are they going to look for, big daddy China, or ever-benevolent UN?

    1. I agree with you about a handicapped WP. I discussed that in some earlier blog posts.

      So far we are not seeing if (PAP == WP) WP; It is still if (PAP > WP) PAP;

      Do I want opposition representation in parliament? Yes.Is it realistic to have high quality representation from them? Yes, if we are patient. Frequently but not always what is too hard becomes realistic over time.

    2. I voted for WP seeing the likes of CSM and SL, hoping we may have a real alternative voice in parliament. Now I think the some NMPs like Lawrence Lien is doing a much better job. They have been a real letdown.