Friday, May 8, 2015

SG50 NDP Song by Dick Lee

I just shared this with some friends and decided not to wait for their feedback before blogging

To me Home is way better. I think Dick Lee tried too hard and missed the target with this one. What a pity when this is for SG50. I think he labored under too much pressure. He wasn't the right Dick Lee when he composed this. Sigh!

This song did not pass the test of resonating with our hearts. It was a difficult challenge.

Update: 1:25 pm

About 5,000 views now with likes beating dislikes 2:1. Guess I am in the minority.


  1. I am really bored by the song - it was not catchy all that ho ho ho ho ho ... doesn't even bring the christmas spirit around though that was not meant to be. I will go for Count on Singapore anytime. It is so dry and dead-pan. Maybe I am wrong but I certainly cannot bring myself to join the "majority"

  2. It tried so hard. Just like the IB out in force to promote it. All too propagandist for me. Many of friends felt the same way.