Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Leaders failing to bring along their own people

It is worse elsewhere but looks like Asia is also infected with the disease of failing to produce great leaders that can carry their people along with difficult but right decisions. With the passing of LKY I also think differently.

In HK your have the feckless CY Leung. At home the PAP government seems to do better but not as good as before.

Tony Abbott is an Ah Beng in Australia, Jokowi struggles not to be a puppet. Malaysia's Najib is becoming a joke. In the Philippines a worse person is likely to succeed Aquino who must leave office soon. Thailand is a mess if you want a quick description.

Today leaders are missing that spine that help them to be courageous and stand tall. People are always looking for real leaders. The question remains is if they are even there.

1 comment:

  1. They never have the spine nor the thick hide to begin with. Asian leaders have always ruled with an iron fist, autocrat or totalitarian, all almost seems to hide behind hat protect and perpetuate their reign. Even LKY is half the leader if it weren't for his dynastic rulings.