Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Post Soviet Leaders using LKY for their own self deception

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Lots of leaders are misappropriating LKY's principles of governance to justify their dictatorial rule and when he was still with us, already expressed his pessimism about their success.

I was saw how big business and government did the same to scenario planning and in the end the technique got discredited. But as long as Singapore success continue to surprise, these self serving dictators would be the ones who get discredited instead of our model. In fact, it will make more people study us more carefully and especially honestly. Thus far too many leaders had been using LKY only to hear what they want to hear. They have or will learn the hard way when they try and fail to recreate the magic in their own country. True be told, I don't think these leaders care. They were only buying time to steal from the state and the people. They are Kleptocracies.

The same is happening in religion especially Christianity since I know this one better. Like these Russians and former Soviet bloc leaders, Christians are also misappropriating the Bible for their own self serving ends. God does not speak with an independent voice. He has left us the Bible which many of us selectively read it to justify our sinful desires. The church is full of this.

Unlike scenario planning, these religious texts continue to last. Be it the Bible, Talmud, Koran, Vedas and Sutras.

This article originally in Russian but translated in EL was just very interesting to me. As I read I can not only recognize but feel intimately how Christians especially so many pastors are misappropriating the scriptures for their ministry success. I am so glad in times like these there is a Pope Francis.

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  1. You pointed out rightly there are lots of pastors who will twist and turn and selectively choose passages in the bible to support their ministry success and objectives. They do not seem to follow what the Master Himself did - speaking truthfully where truth and justice must prevail. Alas, there will always be many dumb sheep following such shepherds.