Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Natgeo Magazine, do not renew and save $30

Natgeo made me an irresistible, lowest price possible renewal of $89 a year. I said no because unknown to the sender another part of their organization offer me a new subscription for $59 a year.

I don't want to go into the details. The very fine magazine aside their customer service was horrid and their administration a mess. They are deaf to customer complaints. No wonder they had to close their beautiful shop, which we loved to visit but not buy at Vivocity.

I tried timing the expiring and the new subscription well but guess I failed to avoid at least one overlap.

By the way I had earlier threatened to blog about their bad customer service. That was months ago. I never carried out my threat but suddenly my complaint was escalated and the service became very good. They even wanted to sent me a nice jacket. My response? I ignored them. I didn't want or need their jacket. I started a new subscription saving myself $30.

Actually these are small sums and I couldn't remember them. I had to retrieve old emails to locate the amounts. I just love to save money and it has been most satisfying to see over the years the children also sharing this habit.


  1. How about this? $45 for 1 year nat geo subscription! : )

    1. Thumbs Up! The place to go to next year. Thanks for the heads up!