Saturday, April 4, 2015


CNN has just made it easy for the folks with no time to quickly learn how and what make Hong Kong MTR ticks. It reads like a long list of what our own MRT system had failed to do over the years.

Our system was considered comparable to theirs when we first begun in the late 80s and early 90s. While they had been diligent with their system, we were milking ours for short term gains.

The guts of the HK MTR system cannot be more different than our MRT system today. What the hell were we thinking and doing?

What is there to compare the MTR vs our MRT? They puts us in the shade of the shade. Our performance is nothing short of shameful because anything short of excellence is not good enough for Singapore. Try making the same mistakes with Changi airport and see what happens. It is really adding insult to injury when you realize the airport and the subway both come under the Transport Ministry.

Update: April 7 10:35 am

When I saw this, I dropped everything and update this blog post. Kudos to the Stadium station manager.

I always feel that hanging out the dirty laundry of our train system is akin to cutting our nose to spite our face.

We don't want to be losers. If something like this pops up, we want to encourage more such behavior.

When everyone wants to do the best job, the system gets fixed. Of course until management punish them for excellence which perversely in the pursuit of short term gains it regularly happen.

Just as the good is the enemy of the great; the short term is the enemy of the long term.

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