Friday, April 24, 2015

Don't tell me Meritocracy

Meritocracy even when honestly applied is often a matter of luck. Lots of people apply for a position and regularly the wrong person gets chosen. Sometimes the mistake is really graphic and there are innumerable examples. The latest I come across is Michelle Phan from a story I just read off CNet.

Lancome turned her down for a beauty counter position and the rest as they say is history.

Yesterday I came across a young lady whose name I cannot now remember. She tried and tried and failed to get a position in Airbnb. But she was very determined and creative and figured a way to promote her merits for the job. You see the judges of meritocracy are often also blind and deaf.

Meritocracy yeah? I submit the organizations that beat others in spotting talent wins.

Which stupid committee placed LG Desmond Kuek into SMRT? And how did he became an LG in the first place? Costly staffing mistakes are made every day. Can we afford this? I am afraid most times people don't care. Those at the top in the best organizations do but what is the use when pay back time is often very far away.

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  1. Your last para is spot on. I advocate the govt get the right person to get the job done right else end result is commuters suffer big time as it is now. Which person in the right mind will think that a salesgirl and an army chap can right a critical transport infrastructure. We should have got someone locally with engineering and business expertise or from JR or MTR. What a mess over so many years. Who says pay top dollar get top dog. All we got is more mess with little cubs in tow.