Monday, April 6, 2015

Best to just ignore Amos Yee

Until it was in my face, I paid no attention to this extremely rude teenager Amos Yee. I caught about 10% of his YouTube rant to understand why the public is so upset with him. I thought to myself the best way to deal with this brat is to ignore him.

It was obvious that he was seeking attention so that once noticed he could figure a way to launch an acting career.

We know for a long time now that if you cannot get noticed by being famous, infamous could often work as well.

Once he got what he wanted he would launch another campaign that he isn't such a bad person but I think he will never get to this point. With artistes like Gurmit Singh coming out roundly against him, quietly Gurmit's colleagues, friends and even bosses would have the same attitude toward Amos.

We will tire of Amos Yee types. The public will learn and wise up to such games. Then these kids will figure another way to be noticed and launch their careers. Work hard at becoming famous and not use the low road of infamy.

The more mature and fast learning our public is, the greater the chance that Amos Yee would get a slap on the wrist. If he is punished severely for this then the government must also be passing judgement that we are still kids incapable of learning from this and future experience. Look, the Christians haven't come out to decry him. The Lee family had also kept silent.

Amos you bloody grow up OK. What you did is shameful and you will wear this shame for a long time to come. This is probably the best way to dissuade Amos Yee wannabes.

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  1. Indeed Amos was disgusting - whether he stood for his own idiocracy or paid to be an actor. The best way to treat such person is to JUST IGNORE HIM. He does not deserve any debate on his pros and cons, which is exactly what he is crying out for. Our minds have better things to fill in with.