Sunday, March 8, 2015

SBG: Cafe vs Food Court

I usually go to the Botanic Gardens very early in the morning. Yesterday we went later because we wanted to visit the National Orchid Garden. We had free passes riding on the daughter's student pass.

We needed breakfast after our visit and decided to go to the food court, passing by the cafe we used to go to. The place was abuzz with people and you can't find a seat (no problem)

There are a lot more people visiting the Gardens at this time of the day on a Saturday than a decade ago I thought. They have money to spend too. The place have become poor value for money and so we avoid patronizing.

We had a simple breakfast ($5.30) at the food court adjoining next to the former Raffles Hall. There were not many people, many stalls weren't open but the place was quite dirty as some left their trays and dishes behind after they had finished. This isn't like the regular food court, patrons are supposed to bring their trays to the return point. Well it wasn't difficult finding a clean spot either. Yes, we returned our tray and kept the place very clean.

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