Thursday, March 5, 2015

Prof Tan: Students should take public transport

I have got to put this up because while I was sleeping the number of likes shot up to more than 480! The PM and his minister colleagues should take note. Their persuasions to the people will be falling on deaf years for many people. In other words they will be ineffective and all over "peanuts". Why are we in such a sorry state?

But that is what happen when money becomes an issue to individuals, family and society!

and this was in response to Prof Tan's speech in Parliament yesterday.

Anyway nobody will listen to the good prof. Those who agree with him are already doing so without his urging. Those who think otherwise would not be convinced with statements like these. For me I do whatever is best given our situation. We are very clear what we want and so everything falls into the right places.

If you really want to toughen the students up, public transport is not the way to go. For those who do not live too far away from school, try walking with that heavy school bag to school.

My point? So what if you are a professor? Nobody cares for your PhD and so will not listen to your advice. We are educated and experienced enough to work out such matters for ourselves. Tell us something more insightful and useful.

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