Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mr Lee's health condition worsens

On the last day of CNY I waited for news that LKY was well enough to be discharged. I assumed that was the prayers and wishes of many. By the next day, I learned it didn't happen. I wanted to update my blog post with that but was simply not in the mood.

News that his condition has not turned for the better was all over social media yesterday. I also received the same on my Whatsapp account.

Publicly VIPs and members of the public wish him a speedy recovery. Privately I imagined the thoughts might be much darker.

I think he has been on the ventilator for too long, not that he can helped it. Even if there were no pathogens, the immune system could respond to the machine as a foreign object and inflame the lungs. I shall not continue to discuss this as I am not a doctor. Many doctors cannot even speak on this authoritatively. I have met too many of them and saved family members too many times from their idiocy. Doctoring mistakes are far more common that the public perceive, but LKY is getting the best care we could afford. Most people would not begrudge him and his family that; Khaw Boon Wan maybe.

At the emotional level Mr. Lee looks like on the familiar path those of us who have experienced caring for the aged sick many time recognize. I have been through this three times. The scenery is the same and the last time at SGH ICU too.

Against the lessons of experience, I have signed up for a happy surprise but you know deeper down you are not that hopeful. I would be most happy to be wrong. Let's hope he can present for August 9, 2015 even if he had to join us from home using a TV.

Update: 9:20 pm

I was at the airport waiting receive wifey from her trip when I saw this on my phone.

The picture says it all. Now it is all about keeping the vigil, waiting for the inevitable.

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