Sunday, March 8, 2015

Misplaced Priorities: MPs clueless about the Budget

Donald Low contributed an excellent article on the Budget to the ST. He should know how the budget work since he was a director at MOF previously. What appalled me when I recalled some of the speeches made by the MPs in the house was how they had completely misunderstood the Budget. Clearly they had failed to spend the time to understand it. They were wasting their time and ours too.

As a citizen, I don't look at the intricacies of the Budget. I always knew government accounting everywhere is never as professional or accountable as commercial accounting. So if you have a bad government, they have a lot of freedom to squirrel money into their pockets. Don't need  to look far, just across the Causeway would do. Think 1MDB where greed grows faster than revenue.

So as a citizen it is very simple. If you threaten me with more GST I simply assume the government couldn't balance the budget without it. Beyond a certain point the government must understand there can be too much financial conservatism from locking up too much financial resources. How else are we to read this than we are over spending when in reality we aren't. Another government and that could mean the PAP but with different faces at a different time, steal the money and we are none the wiser. You just need MPs with misplaced priorities who fail to do their homework to make it easy as pie for the evil ball to roll tomorrow.

Our MPs pay attention to the less important but visible aspects of their duties but ignore the far more important but less visible items e.g., the Budget. Now MPs have become like those lowly paid workers except that they aren't, and you have to watch them to make sure they are doing their jobs properly. To be able to trust our MPs is part of the Singapore premium so that we can busy ourselves more with our careers. Now that is no more.

I often disagree with Donald Low but this time he has done a very good deed pointing this out to us! And double confirmed we need more opposition MPs in the House.

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