Thursday, March 19, 2015

From LG to Philips TV

Bought this at Courts for $548 to replace the short lived LG one today. Also comes with a smart TV box which we might not bother to go claim. Our LG was a smart TV too which we have to be reminded was "smart".

We cash and carry this TV home and in a matter of hours have a new TV to use. It was fun.

Unlike the equivalent pasted on the fridge door, it is not practical to have this stuck to the TV.

Did it say 5 hours of daily usage. For us is more like 5 hours of weekly usage.

I think we replaced the TV because we have always had one and the brief moments of watching something together can be quite special. Also when the school holidays come around, the children watch quite a bit of old DVDs.

Would this be our last TV? I haven't thought of this until I was about to complete this post.

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