Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thaipusam: Favored not Discriminated

As a rule good lawyers make better politicians than most others. I thought Shan explained the government position very well. It was clever they waited for their usual detractors to be done with painting the government black first before responding. Good to see this government learning to be more savvy communicating.

As much as possible, I learn and practice strategic waiting. Most times I don't react but wait, study and understand before I blog. The world is going too fast for all of us. The early bird catches the worm but suffer from food poisoning thereafter. Then the wiser birds learn to recognize and avoid the bad worms.

Update: Feb 8, 8:45am

Took this not from Today bu CNA. Much anti-foreign sentiment in Singapore. Fortunately in a relative world this is also the challenge everywhere else.

Quite a few suggested that Thaipusam should be made a public holiday. I welcome that! We work too hard and I am sure it is futile for ministers to chide us for becoming less hungry. If we are still that hungry, we have failed. If their policies require very hungry people then it won't work.

We must always stay hungry but for different things. Denying ourselves that will lead to failure. But we must also understand the preconditions of our security and economic success because everything is built on them.

Update: Feb 11 2pm

Scratch head over this one! Must get to understand what is happening here. How come St. Patrick can and Thaipusam cannot? And 3 days to boot!

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