Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What a Muslim!

If only more Afghan Muslims were like Malik Abdul Hakim.

I cannot do a good job at retelling this story here and I shouldn't. Let NYT Azam Ahmed tells me again when I want to hear it again.

Unlike our brutal social history, in the modern age lovers of God transcends religious labels. Sometimes it makes you feel that God himself has given up on religion. Their simple acts, courage, forgivness and words go straight to your heart. Their lives are larger than the religion they purportedly live by. And such men and women are similar regardless of their creed. They also welcome each other and enjoy each other company.

What is happening to the world even as the rich and powerful Christian Evangelicals go about slandering everyone's faith? To them their narrow minded ideas is the only way to salvation, but they missed the point that salvation begins here and continues into the hereafter. That is why I know they are way off the mark. As off as the religious teachers in Jesus' days.

The age of grace from the Lord's sacrifice is more far more generous that we could expect or imagine. It is given out to all and cannot be bottled up by any dogma or theology. You also cannot ask to be paid for it.

Update: Jan 9, 10:15am

Good that our ST reprinted this from the NYT.

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  1. religion labels are created by mammon. God did not start a religion - He creates a bond with his creation.,