Friday, January 16, 2015

NUS UTown food court experience

Visited the daughter at UTown this evening and had dinner there. The prices are better if we use her matriculation card.

We got a place at the edge of the food court which afforded us an excellent view of the field below.

Overall this is a nice place. Wifey and I never imagined something like this would materialize at NUS when were students there. In the 80s you usually see and hear local voices but at this food court you would be hard put to hear them. Instead beside the familiar mainland Chinese tongue there were languages I couldn't really make out other than they were Asian. So where are the Singaporeans or at least the Malaysians among them?


  1. Why all the foreign accent at our Uni? Ask why all the singlish at the universities overseas? It is sad that somewhere along the line, locals never seem to get a place to study locally or some parents think their kids need "exposure" (or "leisure") and hence to be sponsored to study aboard. Something is just not right somewhere

    1. Not every place in NUS is like that but UTown is the most modern and one of the nicest place on campus.