Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fernvale Columbarium: Shallow people opposed this

Didn't have time to follow this issue closely. Never thought something like this deserve so much commotion except by some of the most self centered and ignorant people. Again I noticed the extreme patience of the authorities but I am nonplussed about how and who the contract to build the columbarium was awarded.

I hope the rest of Singapore make a stand against this eight hundred or so opposing this columbarium. I cannot help but think of how the Dover Park Hospice was never in Dover Park. Since then I had occasions to visit them several times. It is a place for those who are clueless about the meaning of life should visit. Such places if nestled among you add instead of subtract from you.

We started the year with a visit to the Mandai columbarium. It is one of the most meaningful thing you can do especially when you failed to show up enough times in the previous year.

Bertha Henson wrote a very cute piece on the conversation between the dead and the living. Perhaps they ought to take the next step by meeting each other at the earliest opportunity. A first stop to Dover Park or Assisi hospice to prepare for a visit to the columbarium? Those of you who are neighbors to some of these hundreds opposing the columbarium probably need to try a lot harder to be on neighborly terms with them because they are likely to be more selfish than the average HDB dweller. A little effort for precious peace.

Meanwhile my friend untimely death have led him to eternal respose at a church along Commonwealth Avenue. The residents in Tanglin Halt never complained about that columbarium. Instead those HDB flats fetch some of the highest prices and the estate cleanliness is exemplary.

Update: 2:10 pm

Just come from reading Temple Saga put out by TR Emeritus

I quote myself, " I am nonplussed about how and who the contract to build the columbarium was awarded" this is the reason for the blog post. What about everything else I spent so much bits and bytes on? I don't like conspiracy theories but I wonder how a scheming party might use public opinion beyond Fernvale to its own advantage whilst hoping to get a noisy cover to hide what we would vehemently object. It isn't the columbarium but how the columbarium came to be.

Individuals in a crowd can be very intelligent but as mass, the average IQ descends to the lowest fellow. If they are not well led, very easy to manipulate. So the real issue could be lost in the brouhaha.


  1. The columbarium seems to be right smack in the centre of residential blocks when there seems to be available land around the fringe of the estate. Does this not reflect the shortsightedness of estate planners.

    1. Yep, this would be inexplicable and I hope to understand more later.

  2. Why do you call them shallow, self centered and ignorant when you have not followed the issue closely? On what grounds do you judge them if the info you have on this is only from the Straits Times? As for the extreme patience of the authorities that you noticed, is it again because the closed door dialogue lasted 3 hours? It would be good for you to read the information on the background of the case before you call for the rest of Singapore to make a stand against them.

  3. Religion and believes are always sensitive issue and differ amonst different people. You may not agree with those 800+ people, but name calling them shows that you are equally the same as what you have named them.

  4. Wonderful. I put out a bait and see if any comes along to bite. This is something I learned from experience blogging.

    The shrewd reader knows exactly what I mean, "Blogging for Myself". Therefore this comment serves also as a note for myself.

    You could never get everything from the papers and if the MSM and other bloggers got it then my bait would be left untouched. So thank you for your feedback. In the past I usually just ignore such comments.

    I am a late comer and will be paying closer attention to this issue. Naturally for someone who know this superficially I haven't made up my my mind on this issue either.

  5. These "shallow" people are indeed very selfish and greedy. They are afraid their property (hopefully they live in them so there may be a little cause for concern especially during the seventh month ha ha) value will not reap them gains. They are like those people who buy insurance on their own personal oir state assets (in the form of insurance-like credit derivatives) and then wait to see them burn down to collect their dues. Sad but they are no humans anymore

  6. Why the Fernvale frasco all about when there have been collumbariums in various churches and temples in housing estates and residential areas and the residents make no qualm about that? Just wonder how many people at Fernvale are just concerned about the value of their apartments and whether they are to be the eventual residents or just speculators? If there are speculators - for use of a decent word, investors - they are not only burdening real house owners (keeping prices up beyond the reach of the needy) but also those who have passed on and have no place to rest. No wonder they are so scared of being haunted by the deceased!