Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Train Vandalism: Waiting for a bomb is it?

If you look at the million bucks LG Kuek is getting for six months of work you will discover that security of the trains and system is not a primary KPI he gets his performance pay. Never mind as a military man he should know more about security than most.

So in the event terrorists successfully detonated an explosive device on a train in a tunnel, don't be surprised why it happened. Just look at how clueless SMRT is about the latest graffiti painting on a train.

A good security system even if it fails to prevent a breach is able to quickly provide leads to when and how it happened leaving a good enough trail to tell a story and hopefully to the perpetrators.

Looks like security is high priority to SMRT verbally only. Commuters have no choice but ride these trains. Perhaps they should also learn to pray for safety too. At this rate it is not a matter of if but when a train is bombed.

Update: Nov 12, 9:05pm

The ex LG says, "safe, reliable and customer-centric". So to him it already is eh? Even those who can't read know this is not true.

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