Sunday, November 9, 2014

Harassing Jover: S Iswaran the political imbecile

S Iswaran is not wrong that some netizens had gone too far harassing Jover Chew but he was also absolutely politically STUPID. He just massively contributed to the impression that our leaders are out of touch. Sure, since the last GE they have been working over time to right many missteps and wrongs but the laundry list they needed to attend to were clearly spelled out to them. If you don't shout at them they remain out of touch.

Communication 101, when you as minister speak to the public you must do in such a way that you show the public that you understand how they feel. On this issue, our feelings was clear as day. This minister clearly doesn't know which side his bread is buttered. People are so angry with him now, I fear he needs to look for another job after the next election.

More than 200 comments and many of them with so many likes.

Meanwhile CASE is still suffering from denial.

  • Guo Xiongwei These NEW PAP Ministers r a waste of taxpayers' $$$; so many Ministers & what have they done except telling citizens off? The SLS issue has been around for YEARS; even CASE admitted it has received numerous complaints & did the NEW PAP MPs (in CASE) do anything?
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Jeremy Teo Menister if the woman who pick up coins is yr mother.

The guy who kneel down is yr father.

I guess u will say totally opposite
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Lawrence Joel Sim Trying to raise awareness against scammers is going too far, but having 25 complaints against the errant retailer Mobile Air and yet Mobile Air still dares to cheat and scam people because the authorities seem powerless to do something about the issue, that is not going too far. Logic!
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Zak Man If you can do nothing, shut up.
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Bobby Liu Let's consider this, what if nobody bothered? What if we all thought CASE could do something about it? What if this tourist went home feeling like he was a loser because nobody acted? This is not about a tourist or another shopper being scammed. This is about the inaction of CASE. This is about the passion of our people, We the Singaporeans, who came together to stand up for the weaker brethren. This is not about the black and white of the law, rather, the 50 shades in between. This a a moral wrong that's been righted. Did the situation go a little too far? Not one bit. In your opinion, Mr Iswaran, how do you think this will unfold if CASE were to handle the situation. C'mon, give it your best shot. And you have 20/20 hindsight now. Understand that at the end, this is about the basic respect one human being gives to another. If I perceive the situation from your angle, you might very well have been right but maybe at times, you should learn to see things from the perspective of others.
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Eugene Tay It's not that the netizens that have gone too far, it's the the authorities that have not done enough....
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I am full of admiration of ST John Lui's article in the Sunday Times today. S Isawaran should read him to understand the sentiment on the ground. In my view, nobody could have said it better than this veteran journalist.

I hope ST republish this on AsiaOne without their pay wall.

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