Thursday, October 30, 2014

Should she do Comp Science?

You don't need any math to tell you that the app development space is dominated by the boys. A graph like this with a time line tell the story more clearly.
The girl is a natural with computers. It is like they are made for each other, like she knows how the machine thinks. Unfortunately she isn't the assertive sort and often give up rather than defend her interests. I was also a natural at these stuff too but my enthusiasm has weakened considerably over time, and I know of many others like me.
In just a few short years she would have to decide which path to take.  Right now she is focused on getting her A1s. We are quite certain the two maths are in the pocket already. Maths is easy to tell.

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Update: Nov 3, 10:15am

Look, all batang! And the girl is looking forward to catching this show after her exams. 

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