Monday, October 20, 2014

Pope Francis lost to his bishops

In the style of the shallow US media reports, they will surely report that Pope Francis had lost to his bishops. Some might even be so naughty to suggest there was a quiet revolt. Noting could be further from the truth.

We should be worried if the Roman Catholic Church flips like a coin. The process of change is more important that the outcome. If the process is right, the outcome is a good one.

So the Pope will now return to his closet and pray even more, waiting for more bishops to come around.

To me, the bishops and uncountable lower ranked leaders not ready because if they accept the Pope's ideas, they have to give up their longstanding stance. What would they be left with then? Much of their Christianity is their distinctiveness from non Christianity. Standing your ground against such sins help in a perverse way to stay relevant even if it fails the Christian test of inclusiveness and surprising love.

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