Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Now reading ST on my Tab S 10.5

There was absolutely no time to post anything to this blog during the last few days. Planning and committing to certain items for our trip to San Francisco (this will be our fourth) just consumed all my spare time and more.

In between I had called SPH and changed my subscription so that I can now read my papers on my Galaxy Tab S.

Comments on the Google Play Store for the ST Android app was far from flattering. For me it hasn't crashed and runs much better than on my iPad any time.

On the PM's call, sure we ought to always look outwards. What's there to look at here, we are so small. But when there are nagging internal issues, people simply cannot look outwards with ease.

It might have been more effective to remind those who refused to look outward that they put themselves at a disadvantage to those who do. People hate losing to others. With my kids from young, I have taught them to lose strategically. It had worked spectacularly for the older child and should help the younger one be more confident.

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