Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tan Pin Pin's movie & Isaac Newton, the last magician

Got this from Classroom Video but I saw the old feature by the BBC not too long ago.

What has this got to do with Tan Pin Pin movie, To Singapore with Love? A lot.

It was absolutely critical that the UK do not reveal everything about Sir Isaac Newton. His dark secrets were kept in a locked chest for hundreds of years until John Maynard Keynes bought and open it. Enough time have passed for Newton's dark secrets to be revealed.

To Singapore with Love is restricted, practically banned here. We were told it is for national security reasons. Expect the truth to be scandalous, too horrible that it would damage Singapore. You really want to know the truth? Why can't we wait for the right time as the Brits had also regarding Newton?

And when the time was right we learned Lincoln's hand in provoking the civil war and many other facts which would be most damaging if widely known then.

That's life. Don't be a hypocrite if you can't handle the truth. Most of us can't handle the truth. If we could, judges, political, civic and business leaders would not stay wake at night wondering if we would always vote wisely. Witness how the Scots are toying with fate at the moment. This is madness.

Update: Sep 14, 2:00pm

I had received emails supporting the public screening of Tan Pin Pin's, To Singapore with Love. Everyone of them failed to understand that when the government offered NATIONAL SECURITY as the reason for not allowing the movie to be publicly screened it means, and I hope it wouldn't have to be so long, the actors of history must be in their graves before the truth can be safely revealed.

If the government has given a different reason, I would join many others to challenge it but not if it is about national security. And just because you can't understand why, don't assume you are so wise and clever that there is no better or valid reason.

Don't some of you have family secrets that would tear the family apart and can only be revealed after the actors have died? It is no different here.

All of us have some truths we can't handle even if we are ignorant of what these may be. Given enough time the truth can and must be made public. And no later that God's great white throne on the Last Day.

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  1. Well said. I was just reading this morning from another source that "enlightenment" in the spiritual sense cannot be too soon because most people cannot handle it. We must be prepared for it. So too, historical truth. We need to be ready.