Monday, September 15, 2014

Skills that get you hired

This post is for my children. The nine skills that get your hired. I wouldn't agree they are the top but they are important and CNA had done the hard work to put them nicely together.

These nine skills deconstructed is quite different when they are playing together as an orchestra. The conductor is your faith and value system which was completely missing in the clip.

It takes many years and most people never achieve it to exhibit the nine skills. Sure in your mind you could think you have come close after working for many years but there would be many people especially your bosses who thought otherwise. Never mind they could be wrong but they are more than often right.

Young people should bear in mind the following.

1. These nine skills are not complete. They rank highly but not necessarily the top nine.
2. It is wiser to note (I didn't say identify) three to five skills you are already better at  to develop.
3. Grow these skills and extend them to possess the other skills.

I repeat, it is not possessing these nine skills but how they reinforce each other uniquely in a person.

Really in this short life you don't have the time to be good at all of them. You don't really need to unless you want to be a top leader.

Many young people are going to mimic these skills than truly possessing them. A lifetime in school gaming the an exam based system for As, ending up with more form than substance, which international test systems ranking us highly cannot surface.

The test of the pudding is in its eating, and our first class school performance regularly do not yet end up with world class performance. Just compare ourselves with Israel. They don't make the academic ranks like us but they are world class innovators and entrepreneurs.

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