Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quickly New Terrorist Leader appointed

The body of their former leader hadn't even gone cold and they have found themselves a new one. Indeed in this game they make sure the business carry on. Every leader expects not to live long and to die violently as a martyr. We learned this years back that they are like roaches, impossible to exterminate. It is a real pity the media keep using the Islam label on them which is all wrong. Militants will say even our enemies thought as Islamic but this couldn't be more wrong.

The most important component of battling these martyrdom loving deviants is to give our top priority to cutting off their supply of recruits. If we don't do this we will forever be in this terrible killing game. It will be the greatest tragedy that after having died once violently they found themselves dying the second time in hell. We all must eventually make our maker and let's do our utmost to help them do that in much better ways.

The media chose to level down with too many readers by refusing to use their brains in order to get more eyeballs. I can understand Obama's frustration when he said he does not have a strategy yet against the terrorists. Above all you are fighting a deadly evil idea but the media typically only focus on the tangible. Populations across the world need to be educated to make the whole globe a hostile place for such terrorism first. After choking their supply of recruits we can surround and militarily destroy their hives. That would be ideal except that ISIS has become too strong too quickly and there is pressure to degrade them asap.

Even as we are developing Dengue vaccines, we are also working on destroying the Aedes mosquitoes with sterile off springs, we must do the equivalent here.

An effective strategy against religious terrorism takes time and comprehensive thought. But for now the shallow and irresponsible media would not educate the public about such hard truths. Jaded political and military leaders don't even want to try to enlist the independent but disloyal media in this fight. So the task is much harder than necessary.

Islamist militants? Damn it, there is nothing Islamic about them OK! But I am not holding my breath for the media to use the right adjectives for these terrorists. For the masses what is and isn't Islamic would by and large not be answered and countless people will be duped into this evil and wrong idea of jihad. If you thought the bankers that brought us the great financial crisis were irresponsible, try the media.

For the pea-brains, please understand hating Islam without understanding the religion only serves to grow the ranks of enemy terrorists.

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