Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bought Avision Scanner

Got this portable scanner ($149) last evening at Funan Centre for the children's use. They will make chapters and notes they received into ebooks with this.

A few years ago I gave up on MOE ever coming up with solutions to reduce the weight of our kids' heavy school bags. They took their text and use our flat bed printer scanner to turn them into PDF texts and run it off their iPads. We solved the problem ourselves.

They can use this at home or take it with them to school etc., especially the one in Uni.

I tested the device this morning. Quite pleased with it. A light year better than my Logitech hand held scanner in the 90s.

Let's see, we now have 5 iPads, 2 Galaxy Tab S, 1 Asus memopad, 1 Kindle Fire, 3 Kobo readers, 3 Kindles. Gosh! And 7 Notebook PCs. Crazy!

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