Thursday, August 21, 2014

Using Mulitple Tablets Together

Many moons ago in a dream I had while asleep, I saw myself using several tablets to draw my mental maps. I thought it was an silly act so absurd I still remember. Now it is no longer silly but very useful. I need to join the various sub maps to form a sufficient microworld. It has always been difficult to create a complete microworld which is vital for managing investment risk. Without bespoke tools it often require exhausting effort and time. I had often wished I could do this in a team instead of on my own.

A work in progress map, sufficient to clarify that Larry Summers is probably nearer the bulls eye than most others about secular stagnation.

I joined two sub maps last week. Last night using two iPads and my ZenFone, I plugged in the third. Even without going further I could already tell the other ideas are peripheral to Summers' insight. 

Now I have decided to go out and buy another Tablet. It must be one with the highest resolution. I am getting the Galaxy Tab S soon. I am quite tickled by wifey regularly using three tablets at the same time. I never imagined that I would be doing the same. Imagine the additional demand for tablets if more users are like us! 

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