Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MFA on the Gaza War

I have forgotten what Hamas want for itself and Israel or perhaps it didn't want anything but the total destruction of Israel. In other words, it wants genocide. K Shan said this about Hamas, "Hamas has cynically used civilians as shields". If Hamas cannot bother to protect its own people, we cannot expect them to respect much less protect anyone or anything else. They could swap places with the ISIS and be as evil.

The world demand Israel to live up to first world standard despite living as neighbors to butcher Assad and the ISIS. A regional power as in Iran also support its destruction. I don't know how you could keep up with European or American standards of human rights in a bad neighborhood. Sure, Israel can always do better but in the fog of war? But like everybody else I can't tolerate seeing the senseless deaths of innocents especially the children.

Some Singaporeans held a protest event supporting Gazans in Hong Lim Park recently. There is public pressure for MFA to state the government position which K Shan finally gave us in Parliament yesterday. Like the Americans and others, in public Israel face opprobrium over its action in Gaza but in private we all wish the destruction of Hamas. Obama had swiftly signed off on more ammunition for Israel despite his very public spats with Netanyahu.

Hamas have mastered the art of provoking Israel. If you ask me, I thought Hamas was simply borrowing Israeli guns to shoot its own people for the sake of Hamas. To them Palestinians lives were just chips to be spent. Yet because of the children the world media attention is focused on Israel's culpability of these deaths.

There will be no peace in this part of the Middle East until the situation changes further. Israel should figure a way to obliterate Hamas so that peace with Israel becomes a meaningful proposition. Because if Israel fails, it will be a slow march to genocide for the Jews there. Hamas is patiently working the world's opinion against Israel even if national leaders in private know better and support Israel. And if that happen, the Jews will die first followed by countless Palestinians.

Palestinians should turn on Hamas. Israel isn't your enemy.

The story made front page today.

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