Friday, August 8, 2014

Chan Chun Sing wasting time at ESS dinner

Chan Chun Sing wasted everybody's time with his rhetoric at the ESS dinner last night. It is not true nobody knows. Always post event you can find some people who had warned of the disaster but nobody listened. This story has been written up too many times for the sub prime crisis in 2008. Why don't he just admit that he and the government do not know. Please don't be so arrogant to think they know best! You don't. And if you do not know, then please step aside and look for some people who do.

I first read about his 4 million to 10 million in this morning papers.

Four million? The PAP must be doing a most incompetent job to get us there. Four million over two hundred years, I think that is possible. But if we get there in my lifetime, it is a disaster. How on earth did you come up with a number like this? This is not even worth discussing.

Then like his more senior colleagues CSS went on to enumerate the factors and imponderables. That's a basic mistake. The right way to take a peek at the future is not from lists but from driving forces and how these influences interact with each other and the limits and obstacles each society and interest group have to overcome. That's exactly what LKY used to do especially his famous essay on the future he contributed at the turn of the century to the Economist.

Good grief, even my freshman daughter knew better in her essay for the University Scholars Program: the myth of foresight.

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