Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memories of the $10,000 note

Gotta make this as big as possible. That is what a $10K note shouts to you. This note is so memorable I still remember holding one for a few brief seconds in my hands before my father quickly took it away. Unlike now it was really huge in purchasing power than. Even now, it is not something to sniff at. At that time then ten of those earlier edition notes could buy my father's place at Braddell View.

I came to know about the news that the government is withdrawing this obscene note yesterday. This is the ultimate Encik Yusof. If you are gifted with one, you will smile at Encik Yusoft in the note involuntarily. For me seeing his picture is good enough, forget about the piece of paper. Why is there a need to hold one? I think these days they are mostly held by property agents who received it from credit worthy but dubious clients. Already when I was a kid my dad told me the $10K notes were very useful for taking money out of Indonesia. Probably still is given the low tech there.

Wifey just Whatsapp me and suggested we ought to get two pieces for our kids. I said pics of the note is good enough. These notes earn nothing and worse has no intrinsic value.

With computers and the Internet, the $10,000 was already an anachronism a long time ago. RIP.

Update: July 7 4:05pm

This is like hearing in public what my late father told me when I was a kid.

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