Monday, June 23, 2014

NUS Health Check: Clothes for X-ray

Everyone threw theirs away since they weren't suppose to take it out, but she took hers home to show it to us. This is the light disposable clothing to put on before your X-ray is taken. She spent a whole afternoon at the University Health Centre for her medical check up this afternoon.

She told me the place was full of people but there were enough chairs to go around. In fact there were nice comfy sofas with a good view of the window and the TV which nobody used. Everyone was seating on hard chairs. She decided not to join them and made herself comfortable in one sofas instead. Our university types are so "kuai". I am glad my kids are not trained to be too "kuai" It is a huge disadvantage competing against FTs later. "Kuai" makes the teachers' job easier but is bad for us.

From what my friends tell me those in ITEs are not "kuai" and that's very good. We need more from among them to be successful in the enviable way.

Understand and break the rules when they are stupid. In this sense, the younger child should learn to more like her sister. Kids should learn to take calculated risks and live with ambiguity.

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  1. itsnt lack of "kuai" people

    but not lack of egoisitic people is

    culture, education, and upbringing

    as simple as that