Friday, June 20, 2014

LGBT: Now the Muslims Push Back

I had warned before the Muslim push back would come and this is what I found on Mothership late last night. Beside the story there was also a YouTube clip.

This stuff Ustaz Noor Deros put up is far too religious for me. It shouts exclusiveness rather than inclusiveness, that there are Muslims that are apart from secular Singapore society even if they live among us. It is like they are separate from us. Very friendly no doubt but separate.

Clothes matter. It is loaded with non verbal communication. Then there is the movement, mannerisms and speech which go with it. We have become more different than alike. The common space in our society is shrinking.

I understood their message to be anti-LGBT but what I would long remember is how I felt watching this clip. The feeling of separation. It is OK now, but I am concerned in time there will be friction and if the Muslim population were ever to grow quickly, then the challenge of adjusting to a large foreign population here would look like child's play. I don't think our society is able to cope. Neither can we if the ranks of LGBT were ever to expand rapidly.

But we have all caught the GDP disease, which is grow or perish. What to do? Everyone wants to grow and increase the influence of what is most most important to them but we live cheek by jowl in a tiny space.

We are an unlikely sovereign state which is just a more conceptual way of saying we are an unlikely society and can be stately even more concretely as we are an unlikely community. The large numbers of foreigners here have also made us more vulnerable because they mostly do not understand the vulnerabilities of different races and religion living in one place.

The LHL government wanted to grow GDP in a hurry and had the power to do so. So it grew the foreign population here. Now they discover they can't cope and that the growth isn't worth the cost (in private only I suppose as they could lose the elections). That habit has gone everywhere: bigger or larger; better and more. Growth must be confined mostly to virtual space or there will be conflict tearing us apart because there just isn't enough soft capital from the spirit of Francis of Assisi binding us together. I definitely did not spot any of it in the YouTube clip above.

Our society is fracturing faster than we can mend it. Just count the number of divides now. Everyone would put on a show of unity come 9th August and go to the increasingly different lives afterward.

Update: 10:00am

My daughter just informed me that the YouTube clip has been made private. Wifey saw it this morning, now not possible for the daughter to view. Just as well they restricted access. I think it was more appropriate for Muslims. Nevertheless having seen it, I had found it disconcerting. It was not a positive experience for me as an outsider. I don't feel this way about the LGBT community and even my Muslim friends. I suppose lots of Muslims here aren't like Noor Deros.

Update: 12:05pm

The missing video is available at

And reading further I found

As I reminded myself in the main post, everyone wants to grow! And nobody cares there are limits to growth. A limit will be reached and there will be problems.

Prior to the above, the Muslims as exemplified by this group assert

If LGBTs are trying to destroy families as we know it they will have a program to convert regular families into LGBT ones. I don't see them doing that. They are only asking for space and rights as all non-LGBTs enjoy. If you don't like LGBTs, perhaps you should just educate your children and society not to be like that but please respect their rights as citizens. However I COMPLETELY AGREE with these Muslims that LGBT is not natural and not God pleasing.

Many things we do aren't natural including the food we eat and the technology we can't do without.

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  1. I hope the govt can tackle the many issues that is dividing our society. Must have the politicial will to correct the wrongs as once we fall it will be difficult to get up.