Friday, June 27, 2014

Fathers@School Programme

I have received numerous invitations from the children's school for Father-Daughter bonding over the years. Today I got an exceptionally beautifully crafted one that I like to keep.

I never sign up for any of these. Most times I can't get away but most important my children don't think they are necessary. We might even be able to show others how. So what for?

Most parents come up with ways to get what they want to see in their kids. I don't. I wait for what is good for them to happen. I just seed, water and expose them to the sun. Sometimes you have to do a bit of trimming but the magic belongs to the sun or actually its true form, i.e., its creator. I also like to see this in more scientific terms. I am waiting for Emergence out of a Complex System dabbling beyond the difficult maths that goes with it. The math is actually beyond me. Well no time and see no utility to bone up for.

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