Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bloomberg on Roy's fund raising

Roy Ngerng surprised with raising 72K in four days. AFP beat everyone to the punch for the international audience. I decided to wait for more media companies to pick this up especially Bloomberg and the WSJ. Now that Bloomberg has it, WSJ version will appear. We can expect this in the NYT and coming Friday our copy of the Economist....countless other publications, cable and TV.

Like I had blogged previously, this absurd action by the PM will only cause Singapore to lose. He will be judged the bully and with good reasons.

Now that the foreign media is telling the story, the local media would follow suit or lose credibility.

Update: 8:45pm

When Bloomberg earlier asked his press secretary for comment, she had none. Now the PM in damage control mode. The timing is just too convenient. At this rate all politicians here will possess much smaller respect capital. Citizens would be more suspicious and less trusting of leaders. Yet another example accumulated in this blog that we are becoming like elsewhere and less special.

Why can't the PM and his ministers be more patient and give ourselves more time from the ground up to take Roy Ngerng to task? This isn't like the littering problem of old when we did not have enough time to wait for society to be educated and needed results quicky, so we imposed stiff fines for littering. If the government acted to quickly we lose the chance to learn and make something special and admirable which differentiate us from other societies. Again this is the top boy government in a class of failures passing up the chance to score a distinction.

Over time don't blame us for treating politicians and policy makers with suspicion like in every other nation. People don't lead, they respond to cues from their leaders.

Update: June 4, 10:00am

"Bo pian", since the international media has it, ST cannot ignore it and I bet some SPH journalists are privately reacting to this with glee.

Update: June 6 10:05am

Look! the Economist didn't report on this lawsuit. In the WSJ, it only appear in their blog and not the paper. That's good. Good to be wrong.


  1. It is an embarrassment. Goliath did not go down well in the bible as we all know. Instead of rallying support from worthy opposition members and citizens who now feel they are being "sold out", there is certainly more important things our prime minister can do. His credibility is now at stake

  2. lets see

    bitchy? yes
    cunning ? I think so
    greedy ? yes
    posesive ? depends
    insecure, lack of confidence? definitely

    a bitchy cunning greedy sometimes posesive and lack of confidence

    old woman

    get it?

  3. I really feel sad for the man, despite all the titles and million dollar salary he is such a small man. He fails to realize that respect cannot be demanded but earned and for me I never respected his father so let alone the son. They are nothing but greedy self serving despots who have grossly enriched themselves without shame. That's North Korea for you

  4. and in the meantime, they are so smart yet

    In a statement, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) explained that over 1,500 SingPass accounts have been compromised and accessed illegitimately.

    The unauthorised access has potentially resulted in the leak of citizens private data including their incomes, car plates, NRICs, home addresses and children's names.

    The SingPass is the password system set up by the government in 2003 that citizens can use to access government e-services for over 340 services.

    IDA explained that the problem was that many people have chosen easy to guess passwords such as birthdates.

    Preliminary investigations showed that over 1,500 accounts were potentially accessed and of those, 419 password reset requests were made.

    IDA was notified of the breach yesterday when they became aware of several SingPass users being sent a SingPass reset notification despite not having requested a password reset. A police report has been lodged today but the IDA explained that it does not appear that the whole system has been compromised.

    For users who have been affected, IDA has reset their SingPass and users will receive a notification from IDA directly in the next few days.

    Going ahead, the IDA stressed that users should use hard to guess passwords and avoid using easy passwords such as their names or birthdays.


  5. The PM is the one who kicked the hornet's nest. With PM so dumb, nobody needs to go out to defame him. Pork soup... free smoke... need I cite more? Perhaps RN's lawyer should collect all these public blunders to show that this guy has no reputation to being with. He is his biggest enemy. PAP needs to get rid of him or the party will be history comes 2016. He will be the greediest and meanest person of the year in Singapore.