Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Traffic Police wasting time

Finally I got a picture of him, a traffic police officer pointing his speed camera from the overhead bridge. Nothing wrong except that almost always when I pass here and he happened to be doing his job there is really no job to be done! The road below is heavy with traffic, who can speed without crashing into the vehicle in front? Looks like his bosses never listened to feedback and make him waste his time here.

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  1. sometimes we wonder where are the police have gone to!
    Today while sitting on a bus trying to get across the traffic junction into Orchard Turn, there were lots of private cars hogging inside the yellow box. The bus driver and the passengers were all fuming - and yet where are the police? wouldn't they have made a lot of money dishing out fines to those errant drivers? And of course, shouldn't they be doing a good job ensuring a smooth flow in the city? Maybe it is time the comissioner of police empower the lay citizen to dish out fines to ensure proper traffic flow - and probably pay towards our increased transport fares!!.