Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lunch with the FT: Lee Hsien Loong vs Probowo Subianto

I am taking this opportunity to compare our PM Lee Hsien Loong to the Indonesian wannabe President Probowo Subianto. Both are 62 years old with military background. One has class, the other is a brute; one has brains, the other only knows how to use his balls in familiar settings as a bully. On the other hand Probowo is able to mesmerize the crowds but Lee Hsien Loong with much effort will tug at your heartstrings.

Finally our PM is generous but Probowo is a cheapskate freeloader. FT paid for Probowo and his large retinue lunch but we hosted FT in Singapore's meticulously planned style.

Lunch with the FT: Lee Hsien Loong

Lunch with FT: Prabowo Subianto


  1. Looking forward to read your comments if and when Prabowo eventually becomes the next president of Indonesia...


    1. I hope that day never comes!

    2. The pieces of the puzzle known as Indonesia's presidential elections are being sorted out. It might still be early days for anyone, including me to make any firm calls, but my reading points to Prabowo and his Gerindra party's innate ability to work with more willing political parties keen in forming a pact than Jokowi's PDI-P.

      Prabowo Subianto, son of a member of former president Suharto's "Berkeley Mafia" cabinet - the late Prof Sumitro Djojohadikusumo - had shown he could pull in support from the rural masses such as peasants/farmers organizations.

      Such grass roots support will be crucial in any tussle with Jokowi who do not have the kind of reach compared with Prabowo.

      Anyone who wants to understand Indonesia and able to read the CVs of those who had tossed their hats in the ring will come to a similar conclusion.

      The PDI-P had sidelined itself by not supporting its presidential hopeful to the hilt. Jokowi made this point when he commented on the results when the counting started.

      I am for Prabowo as the next president of Indonesia.