Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Deplorable Safety Culture here

We have a deplorable safety record but what can you expect from a poor and simplistic safety culture. MNCs operating their chemical plants here run a totally different safety philosophy which this government probably consider to be too costly. It was but no longer. People are getting miamed or killed unnecessarily. From cyclists on the road, construction sites, schools and also the SAF.

That is why I refused to sign off of some of the activities the schools plan for my children. They say they try their best but little did they know they don't even know what they are talking about. Just like what had happened at Ngee Ann Poly.

Beyond design and processes, practical safety is also a matter of drastically cutting down the probabilities of accidents, which often lead you back to redesign and enhancing safety in the process. Here leaders in charge regularly fail to think in probabilities and mistakenly equate low risk with  zero probability. They have this "bo an ni suay" attitude, the same reason they put their kids on their laps in the front of the car and also fail to belt up in the back. They could not be more wrong and perversely never learn.

Update: 2:15 pm

The e-ink hasn't even dry yet before I caught this on AsiaOne.

and the injury could have been prevented! See below the myriad choice of hockey goggles the players were not equipped with. We really have an inadequate grasp of safety. Just like it took forever to get doctors to wash their hands properly, this is going to be a very long wait! This is as criminal.

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  1. TV viewers missed messages about the dangers of certain acts and these should not be aped and the dangers of mindless ape shit behavior on TV shows.

    Parents must ultimately be responsible for the safety of their children, even when they are in and/or out of school. For example, being interested in what games and out of school activities of their children.

    It is up to parents to liaise with school principals and teachers to make sure minimal safety standards are practiced and followed.

    Leave the Singapore Government out of this.