Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bad Doctor Woffles Wu

Read this in the ST yesterday. Bad doctor Woffles Wu. Sure he received the punishment but hardly would he be disciplined. He is going to enjoy his four month break and then will return to his thriving practice and continue to make big bucks. On social media I could tell most people believe his clients do not care about his brush with the law.

Medicine isn't about healing to this one. It is just business. I am afraid this is true for the majority of doctors too if you believe our docs are not different from their American counterparts. How often have docs here asked if we are claiming against insurance and they will bill 'appropriately'. Forget about the gate keeping interviews into medical school, I don't believe it work.

Nothing works. Just life. We gotta to learn to cope and I have my ways of keeping them honest. Sadly I have had to serve it on them a few times.


  1. It is sad these doctors have no shame - and will stoop low to get themselves out of any trouble. Scary there is this high probabilty that a character like this will do the same to abdicate responsibility for any treatment wrongly meted out. Let the patient beware!

  2. There seems to be a proliferation of doctors flaunting their wealth, be it politicians or ex politicians and other high profile ones. Perhaps the system had been too protective of them with the control in numbers and that of of the legal profession as well. Why in this age and time is this anomaly allowed to continue while the average worker is told to compete against cheap 3rd world labour. Parents have to slog whole life to send their children to oversea medical schools.

  3. lots of rats

    now.. wheres the father rats?

  4. I still remember going to one of the company doctors some years back and guess what he has a tv screen with stock prices beneath his desk. Guess he needed to watch the heartbeats of the stock market besides those of his patients?