Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not enough policing resources

Many of us know that police resources here are quite limited and the Police concept of what is serious is often at odds with those who call for their assistance.

Now there is nothing like hearing that from a senior officer (see the red box)

Policing in some ways is like house cleaning. Say we have always kept every corner of the place clean and one day decided it didn't make sense to be so thorough. So we decide what is a practical good enough.

Unfortunately over time cobwebs accumulate and some the dirt begins to appear outside of their hidden places and then you realize you neither have the manpower or time to clean those places. That is how I think policing Singapore has become. Conserving resources was a sensible action then but when the uncivic, dangerous and miscreant elements in society after a while notice the police would not come for them and began to behave badly we start to have problems. Running red lights and speeding become common etc., and the incidents like "Gintai" just experienced is classed as mischief. In other words the police will not waste resources pursuing these two miscreants who would likely attack another cabby another time. Now imagine how the tone of our society would have changed for the worse as a result. It's time for a spring cleaning. May be we have to dedicate more resources to policing for the next few years before we can afford to pull back again.

Update: March 23 9:20 pm

Not good. In some cities cabbies are protected in a cage. After all we don't have enough police resources and criminals eventually learn the risk of getting caught for various crimes. 


  1. Police not going to waste their resources on cases like mine unless we are maimed or killed! Sigh!

  2. No money to be made in policing.

    Fining people for parking ''offences'' at 1.05AM on an empty road, while their engine is running and their headlights are on, in front of brightly lit HDB shop, is much more profitable and is more meaningful. I watched an LTA officer hesitate for all of ZERO seconds before dragging out his little fine machine.

    Behind him, an SUV, lights off, no one in it, sat pretty. He walked a few times around that vehicle, wondering if he should fine the owner. Did the size of the car deter him? That same car has parked on that same road, at that same time, again and again. Its not blocking anyone, but why the discrimination?

    Now what could have prompted him to go for one and not the other?

    Did you know that LTA has night LTA officers?

    May they all run up Huge medical bills.