Thursday, March 27, 2014

No more Valore products for us

I renewed my Challenger membership perhaps a year or so ago and they gave me free Valore lamp. Brought it home and discovered it didn't work properly. I eventually threw it away.

I bought this cooling pad for my Notebook PC a few months back and it also turned out to be bad. In slow motion, first the pretty blue LEDs kaput and then I don't when it happened, one of the two fans stopped working.

Can't remember what we bought that got us this Valore hub and card reader but again some of the ports do not work.

Lesson: Don't buy any more Valore products from Challenger.

I wonder if Challenger knows how poor quality their Valore products are.

The Valore cooling pad will make way for a Cool Master one as and when I can get away to buy it from Challenger, but all Valore stuff are no no from now on.

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